About Us

About Company

This company has started when the founders believed that the Fitness Companies and Fitness Training Academies and all coaches and Staff in health clubs should have their own website that gives them access to jobs or training courses available in the fitness field. And the values that the company will strive to promote: Respect specialization in the fitness industry. Appreciate Competencies. Easy access and shortening distances. Create all opportunities for career growth. And exchanging job experiences between multiple nationalities.

Our Vision

To become the first Website that gathering all Fitness Industry Professionals under one umbrella (Fitness Industry Companies, Fitness Training Academies, all Coaches and Staff in Fitness Clubs, Job Seekers and Training Courses Finder in Fitness Field for Multiple Specializations (Coaching and Management)

Our Mission

Each of, (Fitness Companies, Fitness Training Academies, all Trainer and Staff) to have their own Profile on this site, so that will give them easy access and create the employment and training Announcements